1. General

The following conditions apply to each order. Changes to these terms, representations and agreements are for TitaniumPlanet (hereinafter referred to as TP) binding only if confirmed in writing by TP. With the granting of an order the customer accepts the TP-delivery.

2. Offers

All offers and quotations are free of TP-binding.

3. Prices and payments

The valid on the day of delivery and sale prices for repairs at the time of execution of the contract valid approach. TP reserves the right to price adjustments and changes in discount rates due to changes in market conditions. The payment shall be made by agreement or in accordance with the terms and conditions printed on the invoice. When payment is exceeded, the calculation of interest on arrears reserved.

4. Delivery

The shipments are made at the expense and risk of the recipient, including for deliveries free of charge. The nature of the shipment at the discretion of TP. Postage, post and rail excessive packaging and express fees are charged to the buyer proportionately. Partial deliveries are permitted. The delivery times quoted are subject to unforeseen obstacles. In particular, acts of God, war, strike, setting, production restrictions, damage to production facilities, non-delivery or delay in delivery of a supplier, plans or orders of authorities and similar unforeseen events TP exempt from the fulfillment of contracts concluded within the agreed delivery period. Deadlines give the buyer no reason to cancel the contract or claim damages. TP is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the financial situation of the buyer until the Delivery deterioration has occurred that can not be expected in a timely or complete fulfillment of its obligation to pay in accordance with the TP come to its attention circumstances

5. Claims and Complaints

Complaints kind used externally only be considered within eight days of receipt of our mission. In cases of incomplete or incorrect deliveries must be notified in writing within eight days of receipt of the shipment.

6. Warranty, Warranty For merchandise

TP guarantees assured by their suppliers properties in the sense of the information and recommendations contained in the latest edition of the TP catalog or TP brochures. If the products supplied are subject to manufacturing or material defects which affect the value or usefulness of more than negligible, TP will remedy the defect at its option, repair or replacement. The Buyer is not entitled to change or reduction. If TP to design and / or assembly takes place, TP is based on the information provided by the client. TP data is based on theoretical considerations and calculations or experimental or measurement results, which were developed in the TP-test workshop, in practice or with suppliers. There is no warranty for damages incurred for the following reasons: unsuitable or improper use, faulty installation or commissioning by the purchaser or third parties, natural wear, faulty or negligent treatment, improper handling or external force.

7. Exchange

Exchange and return of goods are possible only with the consent of TP. The resulting transport and packaging costs borne by the customer. The returned goods must be in resalable condition and comply with the current state of technology. TP reserves the right to make any resulting costs for inspection, cleaning and restocking the customer.

8. Liability

From the viewpoint of assurance of properties TP liable only if TP has certain characteristics expressly agreed. Specifically excluded are all claims for damages for direct or indirect damage, unless that TP intent or gross negligence can be attributed. For third-party products supplied by TP. TP is only liable to the extent in which suppliers of TP guarantee for their products TP compared to assume and carry.

9. Place of performance and applicable law

Place of performance and jurisdiction for delivery and payment is Bex, Vaud. Swiss law applies.