We are a team of mountain bikers based in Switzerland. For years, we aim to reduce our bikes' weight to make them easier for up-hill and to improve the handling. Unfortunately, the ultra-lightweight parts were not resistant and end up by disappointing. So we decided to produce them ourselves by exploiting our professional skills to develop strong and light bicycle parts on the principal titanium replaces steel, carbon replaces aluminum. By exploiting the synergies of each one, we were able to access CNC machines and machining ingots, bars and strips of titanium grad 5 (Ti6Al4V) and massive carbon plates. And now, thanks to the extraordinary properties of two-component glue (such as jumbo jet wings!), the association carbon/titanium opens new perspectives!

For some years, we sold our parts mainly in Switzerland and Germany via the famous auction sites. Buoyed by the success, we can now open our own e-shop and develop a larger range of parts. Our first objective is to offer YOU super parts for reasonable prices and be at YOUR disposal for any suggestion or proposal.

With titanic and carbonic greetings
Team of TitaniumPlanet