Europe: 5.50 € to 10.50 € depending on the weight of the packag
Switzerland: 6.50 € to 9 € depending on the weight of the package
Other country: € 9 to € 11 depending on the weight of the package

The shipments are made at the expense and risk of the recipient, including for deliveries free of charge. The nature of the shipment at the discretion of TP. Postage, post and rail excessive packaging and express fees are charged to the buyer proportionately. Partial deliveries are permitted. The delivery times quoted are subject to unforeseen obstacles. In particular, acts of God, war, strike, setting, production restrictions, damage to production facilities, non-delivery or delay in delivery of a supplier, plans or orders of authorities and similar unforeseen events TP exempt from the fulfillment of contracts concluded within the agreed delivery period. Deadlines give the buyer no reason to cancel the contract or claim damages. TP is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the financial situation of the buyer until the Delivery deterioration has occurred that can not be expected in a timely or complete fulfillment of its obligation to pay in accordance with the TP come to its attention circumstances.