Bashguard 36/38T in Carbone Maximize

Bashguard in Carbone - 30T to 42T

Super strong & super light!
30 à 34T optional with inside bashguard!

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  • Full-Carbon 3mm thickness (except 42T in 2 mm)
  • BCD 104 mm 4 holes
  • Optimized for 30T/31T (137mm de diameter), 32/33T (145 mm), 34/35T (152 mm), 36/37T (160 mm), 38/39T (170 mm), 42T (179 mm)
  • amazing stiffness
  • remarquable leightness
  • Weight (1 piece): 30T 23g, 32T 27g, 34T 32g, 36T 37g, 38T 30g, 42T 30g



By the  "Sandwich-System", the chain is better guided and the risk of Chain falling off is significantly reduced!

30T: 100% carbone, 2mm thickness, BCD 64, Only 27 grams.
100% carbone, 2mm
thickness, BCD 64, Only 29 grams.
34T: 100% carbone, 1mm thickness, BCD 64, Only 17 grams.

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